Pasting a List of Topics into the Categorization Tab

I'm trying to make it easier for users to enter categories into the Categorization Tab in Plone. The user needs to be able to paste a set (list) of categories that have been pre-generated by an NLP application that picks out the correct topics from text (provided by the user). Ideally, the user provides the text, and the categories would be made available for copying to the clipboard. Then the user would paste the categories into the "Tags" edit field of the Categorization tab. The tags may or may not be new, but the list is deemed comprehensive and acceptable so no further choices would be needed (or allowed) in this scenario.

I tried pasting text with delimiters (commas, line feeds (on topic per line), semicolons, single-quote, double-quote, python list, etc.) all to no avail. Any idea what would work?