Pastanaga Sprint in November/December in Bonn

We plan to organize a Pastanaga sprint in November or early December 2017 in Bonn, Germany at the office of the kitconcept GmbH. Topics are:

Victor, Rob, Roel and me (Timo) will attend. Since space is limited, this will be an invitational only sprint. Though, anybody with React or Angular knowledge is more than welcome! Please DM me or send an email to if you are interested to come!

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I've taken the liberty (well, ok, I checked with @sneridagh first!) to create this placeholder event on

Thank you @tkimnguyen!

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We finally were able to find a sprint date: Nov. 15th - 17th (next week). Unfortunately, that was the only date that Rob, Roel, Victor and me could agree upon (this year). Sorry, for doing this on such a short notice!

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Any chance we can link up or share content or even just use instead of another site (

(unless of course you're planning to uncouple Pastanaga from Plone...)

As far as I understood it, has a different scope than We have a complete mock and all the content ready for and just need to implement it now. That would be a lot harder for, because it is supposed to show the full headless CMS picture.

We want Pastanaga to be a UX/UI framework for content-centric applications, not only for Plone. Of course, we could re-use and link content from once is ready.

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