Parameters in url

I want to know if it is possible in zope to pass the parameters in the url in this form: https://mysite/#!/Id/1
Or what is after / #! / Is considered parameters (key, value)
Thanks for your help

Afaik a fragment is only evaluated by the client (browser), not by the server.

Ok, that is to say that it is generally the client-side frameworks that take care of the transformation and send /#!/id/1 to id = 1
That's right?
Thank you

Maybe you could give as a hint what your big picture is? What do you try to achieve?

Zope does not provide a REST interface by default, so I do not know whether it is a good fit to work together with a front end framework.

That said, I have not much experience with front end frameworks, as I had no good reason to use one at my workplace, yet.

The URI-fragment can be used in different ways on the client (browser) side.

"... Clients are not supposed to send URI fragments to servers when they retrieve a document, ... When an agent (such as a web browser) requests a web resource from a web server, the agent sends the URI to the server, but does not send the fragment."

see also

To pass data to the server use the GET parameter standard ?key=value&key2=othervalue` - or POST, PUT, PATCH HTTP methods.

This all are generic web standards and not Zope specific.

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