Overwrite Plone Stylesheet

Is it possible to overwrite Plone owns CSS?

For particular:

We use tailwind-like CSS for our templates and .hidden is used by Plone's CSS and from our framework and they are not compatible (on mouse-overs, clicks,....)

In Logged-In Status, Plone's CSS override our CSS and elements stay display:none
In Logged-Out Status, everything works as expected.

  • Plone 5.2

can't you just rename your .hidden with .<mybrand>-hidden? It is a way simpler, avoid clashes and you know where that class came from.


No, it was my first tought - because I am not the only one in our University who uses my "framework"

Not what you ask for, but is it possible in your framework to do for example:

body .hidden { something }
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... but should work - thank you

Just so simple :slight_smile:

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