Our Issue Label Chaos

While adding all the pr * labels I stumbled over our chaos of issue labels in the different plone organizations repositories. Have fun, here is the full list:

1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.3, 5.0, Accessibility, Ansible, Bug, Cleanup needed, Confirmed, Content, Contributor profile, Dependencies, Design, Difficulty-Easy, Difficulty-Hard, Difficulty-Moderate, Enhancement, Feature, Foundation Information, HomePage, Important, Jenkins Job Builder, Jenkins VM donation, Missing, OSX, PLIP, PLIP 10359: z3cform control panel, PLIP 13260: Remove CMF, PLIP 13350: Edit Member Schema TTW, PLIP 13770: Portal Tools Removal, PLIP 13787 - Barceloneta / MainTemplate, Priority-High, Priority-Low, Priority-Medium, Question, Regression, Sprint, Testing, Tests, Theme, Type-Documentation, UX Editor, UX Integrator/Themer, UX Site Admin, area:accessibility, area:documentation, area:plone.app.widgets, area:plone5, area:styles, bug, bundle:barceloneta, bundle:foldercontents, bundle:toolbar, bundle:widgets, ci, developer, documentation, duplicate, enhancement, feature, feature request, help wanted, hosting, important, imported, imported from dev.plone.org, in progress, invalid, migration, missing, needs review, pattern:filemanager, pattern:modal, pattern:pickadate, pattern:querystring, pattern:relateditems, pattern:resourceregistry, pattern:select2, pattern:structure, pattern:thememapper, plog2014, plone.app.blocks, plone.app.standardtiles, plone.app.tiles, plone.tiles, plone3, plone4, plone5, pr ok, pr orphaned, pr p4.0, pr p4.3, pr p5.0, pr rebase, pr review, pr testing, pr wip, prio:high, prio:low, prio:normal, question, ready, regression, regression from atct, release, request for comments, skunkworks, status:confirmed, status:deferred, status:feedback-needed, status:fix-committed, status:in-progress, status:rejected, status:resolved, styleguide, testing, todo, toolbar, type:bug, type:feature, type:invalid, unconfirmed, widgets, wineandbeersprint, wontfix

It would be great to harmonize this for all plone core.
It seems there is no real standard for labels.
But it would help searching through all plone core repositories using the organization dashboard i.e. for blocker, hi-severity bugs and so on.

And the good news: this is relativly simple using the github api (includes change of color!), we just need to have a map map `{'old name': ('new name', 'new color').

Could you put the map-file on github, so we can work on it collectively? Maybe at https://github.com/plone/Plone repo.

and thanks a bunch!

I think we need anyway some spot for the script, so here we go https://github.com/plone/plone.github

Here are the mappings:

and below

One implementation is still missing (see code). I will write that soon.

and here the current labels as python dict for simple copy paste: