openxmllib/Products.OpenXml for python 3

We've used these packages on our sites to index the contents of MS Office Open XML files for some time. They seem to have matured and not seen any recent development, however they are incompatible with python 3+Plone 5.2. I've forked both of those packages and spent a little bit of time to make it work in python 3. It really didn't seem like much work to convert it, though there are some edge cases I haven't really dived into it and some minor points I am not clear on. Before I dive into this much further, I just wanted to check, has the Plone community moved to other packages to transform these types, or is this still the de facto way to transform them up through 5.1?

We use in general custom transformations (provided by our XML provider) for converting DOCX into HTML and other formats due to the complexity and often specific requirements to the content within DOCX.