On upgrade from 3.3 to 5.0.8 images missing from articles

Hello everyone, I have problem with our portal which is currently in Plone 5.0.8. Recently I updated our site from Plone 3.3 to Plone 5, by upgrading to Plone 4 and than to Plone 5, On upgrade proces I had to, besides update Catalog for portal_catalog, clear reference_catalog and uid_catalog. In plone 5 I have Barceloneta Theme (aktiv) and selected Plone Clasic Theme. Plone is installed in Windows server 2008. First problem is that all of my images are missing from previous articles? I transfered data.fs from Plone 3.3 to Plone 4.3.1 and than update, and than copied data.fs and blobstorage from 4 to 5 and than did upgrade as asked. Where did my images go?
In Plone 4.3.1 installation, images are still there.


what do you mean by "missing"? What happen if you right click on the image area and then try to see the image directly? Did you rebuild the portal/reference/uid catalog?

First thing to figure out is probably:

Are the images still there:
If you enter the url to the image, can you see it?
If yes: can you see the scales, like http://path/to/image/@@images/

Or are you talking about the image you add to news articles etc, not the ones placed in TinyMCE rich text editor ?

probably related with this:

Sorry for answering now, but I fixed issue, actually not fixed but when installing I tested installation steps on testing PC and data on that server was good so I just replaced data.fs and blobstorage and images are uploaded. Now I have other problem. In news page, on left side there is a list of all news and they are ordered by letter, I would like to order them by date, when in "...contenews/folder_contents?" I see there is command to order contents by some criterion other than ID which is I suppose default. When I try to order by any other criterium I get message : "The folder could not be reordered: Not explicit orderable". Is there any other way to order contents so that on news page on the left panel I get news ordered by date?

please open a new thread for a new topic.

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