Object creation date

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I need to add a date field to the users objects, can anyone help me? This field is only to save the creation date. but I don't know what I've to edit to do that, on the regular folder I've the _edit and the edit_form but for users...


Have a look at

Already solved, I've edit the register script and add a new field

 if not member_folder.hasProperty('dataregisto'): 
    dataregisto = DateTime()
    member_folder.manage_addProperty ('dataregisto', dataregisto, 'date' )
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If you use Plone 5, just go to Site Setup / Users & groups, and then Member fields tab, and you can add new fields here (and you choose if they appear in registration form and/or member form).
See http://docs.plone.org/adapt-and-extend/config/users-groups.html?highlight=member%20fields#member-data-information-about-users

The resulting config can be exported from Generic Setup if you want to save it in your sources.

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I'm start thinking that a user creation date should be stored on Plone users by default. It's not the first time I see people asking for this.

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Would only make sense if not using something like LDAP...

User creation time could be from time to time of interest. Anyway, in LDAP - off-head - I do not know any schema dealing explicit with it. There is shadow which deals with last password change and user expiration.

Overall one could read the OpenLDAP createTimestamp or the AD whenCreated field, but I fear this may change on export/import (needs verification).

Other auth method will not provide this (maybe LDAP but for sure stuff like pas.plugins.authomatic) but in those cases users are created externally so it's OK imho that this feature is not supported.

Instead Plone could implement this.

A recent usecase: a customer leaved the join form open without capcha and this time it was not simple to get which users where fake or not. BOT attacked all night long, having creation date was an important missing information that time! :smile:

Sounds like a PLIP. :slight_smile: