No database connection available

Plone 4.3.3

When trying to add a Z SQL Method, i get the message show below. Yet I cannot find zope sql database connection in the list of available elements. I've added MySQL-Python and z3c.saconfig to buildout.cfg and re-run buildout, but no good.

My goal is to make queries to an existing database on another server to populate a ploneformgen selection list.

Add SQL Method

There are no SQL database connections. You need to add a Zope SQL database connection before you can create a Zope SQL Method.

ZSQL Method is the old-school way to use Zope and RDBMS, while z3c.saconfig is the moder way. They are two different approach.

What you are missing is a Zope package that will add MySQL database driver. I never used MySQL inside Zope.