No author view in Volto?

Just checking... it seems there is no view equivalent to mysite/author/{id} for Volto.
It seems I'll need to implement one if I need such a thing. The Volto project I'm working on will require member profiles.

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From convo with @sneridagh and @tiberiuichim in Slack...
There's "infrastructure" for this in the Plone restapi project and incoming infrastructure to support users created with extended userschemas.
see: Add @userschema endpoint for getting the user schema. by sneridagh · Pull Request #707 · plone/plone.restapi · GitHub

So what's left is to register a route and view in Volto.

Also check with @erral, see Dynamic user information form and a route for it · Issue #2912 · plone/volto · GitHub

We have a branch with the userschema based form changes here GitHub - plone/volto at erral-userschema-based-user-form @nileshgulia1 is also interested on working on it, so we can do it there.

The PR for p.restapi is the one you mentioned, which has some failing tests related to documentation changes in Plone 5.2, which I am looking into right now.