'News' folder not appearing as a display item

I want to select a published item from the published News folder as the display item. But it does not come up when i want to select a content item for display. How can I activate this.

I am able to set a news item as default view of News folder. But I want to set it as the default view of the site.

Only directly contained items can be assigned as default view of a folder. You can not use arbitrary items from somewhere in the site. You may create a collection in the portal root referencing the news item through some criteria and assign the collection as default view to the site.


thanks. It is interesting though since News (that appears as a default) is folder but is actually a collection. I was intrigued because I was able to pick an item from a folder and also from collection but not from 'News'.

I am doing something incorrectly. Please note the 2 screenshots. I have several published folders. But only 2 come up when I need to select the item as default page.

What else do you expect?
You can NOT choose a folder a default view, only standard content types likes documents, events etc. that are not folderish.


In @@content-controlpanel , when you select Collection (or whatever other content type), you can enable "Can be used as default page"

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