New release of collective.cover

I want to release 1.0a9 tomorrow and I would love if people using collective.cover help me on testing the upgrade steps are working fine; this release includes mainly bug fixes:

best regards

Seems to work fine; several sites updated now, now problems.

Same here, no problems so far.

Erm, I'm not using this in production yet, just playing about.

But installing 1.0a9 results in the rows getting merged into one when I edit the Layout of a new cover.

Re-installing 1.0a8.post1 fixes it.

did you ran the upgrade steps?

Yes, I did.

So now portal_setup > upgrades says (after downgrading again):

The profile "collective.cover:default" is currently upgraded to version 9.
The filesystem version for the "collective.cover:default" profile is currently 8.

I haven't seen that behavior; if you are able to reproduce it open a
ticket and we'll see.

Ok, I started investigating this & it seems to have settled down on it's own. It's seems like it's something to do with the autogenerated layoutedit CSS file, so maybe it's a caching issue or something.

Thanks for taking interest though

Ah, got it I think.

It re-occurred on my staging environment & I checked the Firebug console which says:

TypeError: jss is not a function
width: '98%'
at line 313 of layout_edit.js

That would appear then to simply be a js ordering issue in, right?

could be; my JS skills are minimal...