New Labels for All Plone Coredev Packages

At Plone Conference sprint I applied new labels for all packages used by buildout.coredev 4.3 and 5.0 and are located in Githubs plone organisation.

The new labels are in my opinion a reasonable compromise between the two extremes of very few simple labels on one hand and on the other hand verbose labels for all situations. They apply for both, bug-reports and other issues as well as for pull requests.

see also:

some other plone maintained packages should use this schema too, I'll review and re-run the script soon.

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One suggestion, I think PLIP should be blue, as in blue-sky thinking.
Green means "go", it implies something is ready for use or approved for use.

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Good point. I changed the colors now (did some rotation):

I also added missing

  • buildout.coredev

Outside of current coredev I added:

  • ansible.plone_server
  • bobtemplates.plone
  • papyrus
  • plone.documentation
  • plone.github
  • plone.recipe.codeanalysis
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