New 2015-16 Foundation Membership Committee

The Board has approved the new Foundation Membership Committee for 2015-16.

The Membership Committee reviews applications for Plone Foundation membership and makes acceptance recommendations to the Board.

Thank you to our outgoing committee members, who have helped grow the Foundation:

  • Clayton Parker
  • JC Brand
  • Jean Jordaan

Our new committee volun-victims!:

  • Christina McNeill
  • William Fennie
  • Andy Leeb
  • Armin Carl Stroß-Radschinski
  • Laurence Rowe

and our returning committee members:

  • Steve McMahon
  • Chris Calloway
  • Nejc Zupan
  • Maurizio Delmonte
  • Kim Nguyen (chair)

If you know someone who has been a longtime/significant contributor to Plone (the software and/or the community) who isn't yet a Foundation member, please let us know!