Need some help on how to fix plone bugs reported on github

Hello , My name is Katende Ivan a software engineering student in Makerere university Uganda. I am new to Plone. I was kindly requesting you to help me with a short description on how I can fix bugs reported on Plone's github page.
Thanks and Regards

Hi @kigh143 - it'll depend on what you want to help fix. If it's in Products.CMFPlone and other core components, see and

These are the Plone issues that are marked as 'easy':"41+lvl%3A+easy"

Welcome to the Plone communit, @kigh143. We are glad to hear from you, and grateful for your interest.

In general, Plone follows a fork-and-pull method for fixing bugs. You can fork the repository where the problem is located, write a test that demonstrates the bug by failing appropriately, make a fix that causes your new test to pass, and then open a pull request back to the original to submit your work.

You should read our documentation on core development, which @tkimnguyen has linked, to learn about the tools we use to develop Plone, and to get the contributor's agreement we will need you to sign.

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