Need a Sprint Location? Why not Jamaica?

Not sure what category to put this in.

I've been wanting to host a sprint here in Jamaica for a year or two now. All you need to do is say your dates and I'll do the ground work to make it accommodation etc... happen. (I generally recommend avoiding August - November as there is a chance of Hurricanes).

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I would be interested. Jamaica sounds fun :smile:

Any idea on sprint topics?

Documentation, UX that kind of stuff would be great. I'd be happy just to put together the location logistics and make it happen.

I hereby reserve May or June 2016 for a US event, a symposium-lite or PLOGish thing.

Flights to Kingston are actually $20 less expensive than to Key West. Anyone for Key West in 2016? :slight_smile:

Just bumping this topic again.
@tkimnguyen, you'll end up putting that $20 saved towards ground transportation.

I'm looking at two options:
The South Coast which is considered off the beaten path and known for more "down to earth" community tourism or
The North Coast, more Cruise ship type, touristy area.

[Mandatory enticing picture]

[/Mandatory enticing picture]

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If you want to sprint on docs you'll need to rope in a key person doing the docs, i.e. @polyester :smile:

You might also want to say more precisely which time of year you want to hold it.

I'm looking at January 2016 somewhere within the window of January 3, 2016 and January 16, 2016. I'm going to go with Mona (University area in the city) since I can more easily arrange reliable facilities in the general surrounding areas. Persons can always plan an extra 2 days to head to touristy areas.

(Is that fair, enticing persons with those pictures of the North Coast and then arranging for the Sprint to be held in the city/university areas some 3 hours drive from real beaches? :innocent: ).