Navigation menu - How to center it?

I have a Plone website wich i need to maintain;. I've searched a lot on Web on how to do it
. The WebSite menu (id: main-navigation) are all right-alig and i want to screen-center.

I know that it is a portlet menu, but this website only allows me to edit this portion. Only add/edit/remove items.

Is there any way to do it? CSS? Portlet manager?

The portlet manager only appears on left and right site collumns, but not on main-navigation

Hi - which version of Plone is this? Can you give us a screen shot of what you want to change?

Hi. i dont know wich version is because the website is based on plone. I am asking because i suspect the developers locked uup some portlets, one of them its the nav menu



If you're entirely new to Plone, I'd recommend you look at:


You can find the Plone version at the bottom of the Site Setup page.

Alternatively, you can hire a Plone provider to help you get started: