My ability to edit vanished (Fixed)

While doing some work on my site I noticed that when not logged in, my "recently modified items" portlet was no longer visible. Then I realized the "edit" permission in the toolbar now was gone. Nothing that I'd done earlier seemed unusual to me, (but I had been looking at the Dexterity Content Types setup I had created a new type out of the page type, I didn't think I had modified the old ones but it appears I did, or perhaps something else modified them programmatically)

So- I didnt think I had done any saving but now I notice the only Dexterity content type that is showing up in Site Setup is the one "Citation" I had made earlier, the existing Dexterity content types are gone in the control panel but they are still there in the ZMI.

Serves me right for trying to do work on my site when I was sleepy.


gradually learning and eliminating possibilities.

It is by design that things are not shown for which the current user does not have permissions. If "not logged in", you have only minimal permissions and many things you see as a logged in user (especially as a logged in user with many permissions) are not shown.

Can you still edit after you have logged in?

I can log in but once I do the toolbar is visible but the edit button that is usually there is absent, only the eye/view button is available. It appears that the Dexterity Content Types are all there but I must have modified something because all the native content types were modified yesterday all at the same time.
I had "ATContentTypes not installed originally, then I thought why not install it, to see if I could set up a portlet to display my sites tags, thats what I was trying to do, this is the view logged in, I'd like to have this rich display of tags for anonymous users too. Anyway, at some point I tried installing ATCT to see if it would fix the problem, but it didnt - so I un-installed it.

In simple cases, you can use the Undo tab to check for modifications and maybe even undo them. For more difficult cases, you can use dm.historical (--> "PyPI"). It allows you to ask a persistent object about its modification history (back to the most recent packing) and obtain historical states for it. With some internal knowledge, individual objects can be reset to such a historical state.

Okay, so I have perhaps a better idea of what may be going on.
Inside of Plone the edit button is missing as well as the default deterity content types. However I did keep my old site so I do have a point of conparison.

Edit- its now fixed.

I had accidentally modified my default Dexterity Content Types - which was shown by a color change on their icons. I generated a new site with all the defaults, deleted the borked ContentTypes and pasted the new ones in and "miraculoso",
everything is working properly again.

This also was the cause of the loss of my "Recent changes" portlet for non-logged in users. Thats working again now too.