Multi select field improvement needed


I have a custom form having a tags field. An user can select multiple tags from the list of all tags and save these preferences. For the moment it works as a list of checkboxes (multiple columns for a better design, also a max-height on its container + scrollbar in case the list of tags is very long).

I'm trying to improve the UI, because we have +4000 tags...

I found this

Then I found this:
It seems to be the best in our case.

My current code is:

from zope.schema import Choice
from zope.schema import List
    tags = List(
        title=u"Select tags",
        description=u"""Description here""",

Should I create a custom widget? Or is there something already created I can use instead?

Features I need:

  • user can select tags (all of them are visible and can be found by scrolling the list)
  • user can search a tag (autocomplete)
  • user can see the list of selected tags (I mean already saved ones, too)

AjaxSelectWidget is what you want?

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I think yes, but the problem is I'm on Plone 4.3. = 1.1.0 and next versions require>=2.0.0.dev0.
Only 1.x is working for Plone 4.3.(

Is there a solution for this?

The AjaxSelectFieldWidget is in p.a.widgets.dx Module in Version 1.x ...

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We use chosen (jquery plugin) :
together with ArchetypesMultiSelectionWidget (Plone 4.3)
you have to register all needed resources in your package then (js, css and sprite) and add a small js to set the options for the field(s) you want to use it on.
If you're interested I can send you our custom js for the ArchetypesMultiSelectionWidget as an example.

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