Move porlet manager

If I register a portlet manager (Lets call it 'above-content-portlets) in 'above-contents' and I for certain conditions wants to display the portlet manager just before the footer (but not in 'below-contents' since that viewlet is not full width, I can do this:

  1. Register it at the top
  2. Add a div in the index.html and have a diazo rule add it to that div. Then I can hide the first one with CSS.

Question: is it better to hide it with diazo. If so: does that require 'xls-magic' (for-each?) since it has already been inserted using default barceloneta rule:

  <replace css:content="#viewlet-above-content" css:theme="#above-content" />
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Found it: it works with normal diazo if one uses mode="raw" />

        css:theme="#x" css:content="#y" mode="raw" />
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