Move images that are linked

I have migrated a very old site to Plone 5.1.

There are 'a few hundred' images at /root and I want to move them into some folder (images, maybe).
They are inserted into pages (etc) with path (not UID).

Is there some simple way of doing this, like a script that changes relative paths to UIDs ?

Transform content links to use resolveuid might be of use.
My guess is that would do what you're looking for?

If the ids of the objects to be moved can reliably be covered by a regular expression, then your web server might be able to generate respective redirects.

If you can use standard Plone operations for the move, then Plone's redirect tool might automatically ensure proper redirection.

I did try to install , but could not get it to run on Plone 5.1 (looks like it uses a lot of alpha/beta versions). The uidfixer is not for dexterity, I think, but I could probably use the code.

After thinking a bit: I guess changing the links to UID is much better than chasing the url, so I will see if this is possible

Thanks both


With some ugly hacks I think I have gotten it to work 'in a way' (I only used it on portlets and the 'text' field and it only works for folders and documents (not for root)).

It was ATbased