Mockup: make bootstrap fails

I was playing with mockup but I failed to build it succesfully following the instructions on the github, i.e.:

git clone
cd mockup
make bootstrap

To build it I add to modify bower.json:

diff --git a/bower.json b/bower.json
index 0099eb8..e04b26d 100644
--- a/bower.json
+++ b/bower.json
@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@
     "backbone": "1.1.2",
     "backbone.paginator": "0.8.1",
     "bootstrap": "3.2.0",
-    "console-polyfill": "0.1.2",
+    "console-polyfill": "0.1.1",
     "dropzone": "3.10.2",
-    "es5-shim": "4.0.3",
+    "es5-shim": "4.0.1",
     "jqtree": "0.22.0",
     "jquery": "1.11.1",
     "jquery-form": "3.46.0",

Is it a problem of my local installation?

i think i know the reason: the latest mockup-core release depends on the versions you reverted in mockup. i'm going to make a new mockup-core release with the updated version dependencies right away, wait for it...

That's awesome, thanks a lot!

done. i released v1.2.12 of mockup-core and updated mockup's bower.json to use the new version. please make a git pull and then make bootstrap again.

I can confirm its working flawlessly, thanks again!

P.s.: see you in Bristol :slight_smile: