Mockup and Plone integration (and documentation)

Talking about a simple Plone 5 feature like the modal, used for example inside the leadimage behavior.

Looking at the pure mockup documentation I found that a modal can be inited using a data-pat-modal attribute, while in Plone we have data-pat-plone-modal.

How this works? Is Plone using a superset of the pure mockup features?
If this is true, where is this documented?

The mockup documentation, for example know nothing about a configuration like data-pat-plone-modal="image: true". What is "image: true" doing?

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The mockup documentation needs to be updated.

The mockup pattern was changed to "plone-modal" so it didn't conflict with patternslib anymore. The Mockup library is purely for the Plone project. Any patterns that can more easily be shared with the community are in patternslib going forward.

Thanks @vangheem, so have you idea of the feature "image: true" and how this works?
There are other hidden features?