Missing Table CSS Classes Option in TinyMCE Editor

Ok, i have a plain 5.0.4. Plone Installation and the CSS Class Selection for Table are available.
I have a Plone 5.0.4 Installation which was migrated from 5.0.2. and their i'm missing the Option CSS Class for Tables. The Editor Config is the same. Should i run/import a Profile, if yes which, via ZMI or is exists another solution? I could of course also copy the Data.fs and the Blobstorage to the 5.0.4. Installation. But i think that is not the "normal" Upgrade-Way.

Do they both have entries for table styles in @@tinymce-controlpanel? Maybe the upgraded one just needs to add some configuration in place?

Yes, both Installations have the default Listing-Entry "Listing|listing".