`Missing factory` warning when running zodbupdate


looks like this is the final test run before also updating my live site to Python 3.

When I run zodbupate
work/zope3/bin/zodbupdate --pack --convert-py3 --encoding utf-8 --file work/zeo3/db-bliss/Data.fs
I get the following warning:
Warning: Missing factory for App.Product ProductFolder

The script runs and shows no errors, though.

Is this something I should care about? What exactly does this mean and why do I get this message?

Thank you!

P.S.: zodbverify does not show any problems for the converted db

seems that the migration documentation says you do not have to worry about


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This is likely due to the removed App.Product module in Zope >= 4.x ... AFAIK this is the "Product Management" link in the Control_Panel which doesn't exist anymore.

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Thank you!

I remember something like "Make sure to start your app at least once with Zope 4 /Python 2, so "xxx" gets deleted before converting to Python 3."

My app runs on Zope 4 for quite a while, so that cannot be the problem.

Maybe this is an oversight in Zope 4?

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