Migrating to Plone

Hello, I just discovered "Plone" and I'm impressed but also confused.

I use InteractiveTools' "Article Manager" for my web portal (www.deguate.com), which has a little more than 100,000 pages in about 500 categories / sub-categories. I really liked the featured sites made with Plone (especially Discover Magazine) and would like to migrate to Plone.

However, I'm having a difficult time finding documentation about migrating the site. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

My company also offers hosting and website development services to small and medium companies in Guatemala. Seeing that many Brazilian government as well as other renowned international organizations use Plone for their sites, I want to experiment with Plone on my own site in order to be able to broaden my company's service to local big firms and Government institutions.

Thanks for the help you can provide!

Here's a good place to start: http://docs.plone.org/develop/import/index.html

Does your current web site software allow you to export pages, and if so, in which format(s)?

What a fast reply Tkimnguyen, thank you! I do not think my current software has anything built-in to export my pages. The transmogrifier is an interesting tool, I hope it helps me convert my site.

Do you know if I can keep the same URLs I have now so that I don't lose my search engine positioning (I rank very well on hundreds of keywords).

Thanks again!

Funnelweb is a tool built on top of transmogrifier that crawls an existing site and uploads it to plone. It tries to keep the same urls but if it doesn’t it sets redirections up from your old urls to the new ones. It does its best to retain your existing menu structure. You do have to tell it via xpath where your content is in the pages and menus etc.
Of course it only transfers content and images and files and not your site theme, and your site theme may affect SEO too.

There are some enhancements in github that haven’t been released yet though.

I clicked to a news item to see what the URL is like:

It seems that you can also go to

and it ends up appending the '#.Va5PamAUep0'

Plone doesn't generate .shtml or other filename endings in its URLs by default but there's no reason why you can't create pages with those filename endings.

@djay we're trying to import a site from WordPress into Plone and I'm having an issue with some GUID that does not fit into Zope ID; for instance, many posts include “” characters on it.

I think that was a bug in the site as it only happens on older posts, but anyway I was wondering if there is a way to include this kind of mapping on the redirections.

I was checking the funnelweb code but I didn't understood where and how this is handled.

can you point me on the right direction, please?

Since this topic was created two years ago, is collective.transmogrify still the base tool for migrating from non-Plone sites to Plone?

Also wanted to check which of these two resources is authoritative or more complete.

Thank you!