Migrating scales in pages etc

Is there a way to fix all references to Archetype images while migrating ?

So. the reference in the html of one page is:

 <img alt="" src="resolveuid/fa3ea9b6565a45a79a48811085c97958/image_mini" />

Is there 'something' available to change all these image-references without opening every page and search / replace ?

you mean from resolveuid/<uid>/image_mini to resolveuid/<uid>/@@images/image/mini?

maybe collective.searchandreplace or rt.bulkmodify can help there.
see also GSoC 2019 idea: Sitewide search & replace

if you get new UIDs while migrating, you have to cover the transforms in your migration process. or is there something built in for this @pbauer?

We preserve in general all UIDs in migrations. Fixing image references is usually done as a fixup step where you iterate over all content types with RichText fields and parse the HTML content using some HTML parser and rewrite the image URLs as needed.


Was hoping there was 'something' already.
Maybe it is possible to add a rewrite rule, in case something is 'forgotten' during the search / replace (?)

not that i know of... but the two tools mentioned in the above comment should help

sure you can, but iiuc this will not have a huge benefit: or to the old-style urls (image_mini) do not work in plone5.2 anymore?

@@images/image/foo will get transformed to a filename containing a hash (automatic cache invalidation when image-content or crop region changes) by an output transform. you won't have this benefit when doing rewrites from image_mini to @@images/image/mini

Sorry for seeing this so late but there is a upgrade-step that fixes this issue here:

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Did this site "manually" (search replace) but good to know the next time.