Member manipulations

i need to do the following in Plone 5:

  1. Import Members(data) from Excel / CSV where one row is the groups they are member of.
  2. Export the members to CSV or Excel from Plone.
  3. List members of groups from a normal browser view.
  4. Send email with attachments to all members of a group
  5. Make a view to show members and a groups.

I assume some of this have been done before, is there any add-on that I should look at ?

For this you can try to take a look at collective.mass_subscriptions.
I didn't updated it from ages (Plone 4) so it's probably needs some love, and the cols with group is not supported but probably easy to be added.

EasyNewsletter has this feature IIRC.

(does that also include attachments (mostly PDFs)

Yes, limitation: attachment must be available as Plone "File" or "Image" content.

It works OOTB with Plone 5.1.
I have made a commit which adds users to the group in CSV row 'group'. (in my branch).

( I can make a pull request if you think it is OK to do it this way ( I use plone.api to add the user to the group)

I've no more power onto this repo, it's owned by RedTurtle but I'm sure the will be happy to review and accept you PR!

It (EasyNewsletter) installs on Plone 5, but a 'newsletter can not be added.
Is it Archetype based ?

In my, I can get the users with:


Is there a way I can return a list of the users, with ALL the properties?

Instead of doing them 'one by one in the or

in the

User records can only be fetched one-by-one. It there were such a method, it would do the same under the hood,


When I batch add users, I want the users to 'check their settings' and update the password.
Is there a way to find which users that has not done that ?

check this thread:

Thanks, exactly what I need...