Medical guideline portal relaunched - on top of Plone 5.2 and Python 3.7

In the third major iteration of the Onkopedia project, ZOPYX and partners relaunched the complete portal with a new fully responsive layout and an updated Plone backend based on the latest Plone 5.2 version and finally Python 3.7 under the hood.

For details check out:


Did you try to avoid breaking table (rows) on separate pages when making pdfs? … or if all tables are shorter than one page, add CSS page break always before table >= 2 ?

I assume you use pp , if so: I know this works with pp and phantomjs.

If I remember right, a few hacks were needed, for example you can not put the CSS on 'everything in a table' (try td and th), and 'there was something regarding 'border-collapse'

Anyway, the main CSS is

 break-inside: avoid
 white-space: nowrap;

Also: it might be possible to repeat the table header on each page (with theader if I remember right).

The tables are as they are given the fact that are lots of table variations. There are much more complicated tables within the protected area that you don't see. Automatic typesettings means that you have to say sorry because there is no best solution that fits all and everything.