Medialog.plotly:- Add plotly behaviours to your content type

medialog.plotly how to add plotlybehaviour in content type
or by using the content-types configuration option of Plone.


Is this a 'real question' ?

If yes, read this:

I couldn't understand the usage part . Can u explain with steps. I would be a great help for me. The plotly is not showing in my content types

You need to add the plotly behavior, in the dexterity control panel (or in code).

For example, if you need it for 'Page', add it at:


thanks dude . Really helpful.

When I create a chart it is not displaying in the page.

What does this package do . I couldn't insert X axis legend. Let me post the screenshots


Chart Edit page

Kindly help me.

For the pai chart, I think you need to put the values on the other axis (but as said: this package was never finished).

is there any alternative

If you want to use plotly with CSV import and your data are in that order in the CSV: No.

You probably have to try:

a) Use another add-on (there might be some 'google-chart' add-ons you could use.
b) Use and embed the chart
c) Fork the code, fix the problem in the add-on yourself (Should not be too much coding)
c) Sponsor the add-on to get it finished

Sorry bro its not fixed

What is not fixed ?

What I meant was that you could add an option to 'flip the axis', so instead of

Option 1 | Some value
Option 2 | Some value
Option 3 | Some value

you flip the axis it in the code (Numpy and Panda has a simple way to do that) , to:

Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3
Value 1 | Value 2 | Value 3 |

I added an option to 'flip-axis':

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This will work for all graph types (except map, where you will need to use country codes or '3 characters' as on the screenshot above