Main menu items from folder

Can I choose where my main menu is generated from? Right now it defaults to the 'Home' directory within Content. All items within that default directory are displayed on the main menu. How do I make my main menu display items from within a folder.

For example,

Home / Docs

Docs has a list of pages, folders, etc. I want the main menu to point to Docs and display those items as its main menu.


I figured out the solution under Site Setup / Navigation / Root Path, but it is not optimal.

Can I change the root path dynamically? Let's say I have two separate directories with separate items. If I go into a directory how can I change the menu to reflect the items in that directory? If I go into the other directory how can I change the menu to reflect the items in there?

quick answer: not OOTB.

You could maybe add a navigation portlet and style it so it looks like the navigation menu.
(move it with diazo or add a portlet manager Above content portlets in Plone 5 )

You can also use collective.lineage to set the folders as subsites. The subsites get their own navigation root.

But note this may have an impact on other things you don't want, like the logo would link to the subsite root instead of site root.

For future versions of plone I think it might be more flexible if the main navigation was a navigation portlet. It has a lot of options than the main navigation code.

Interesting. How do I do this? - you would add collective.lineage to your buildout.

Though, what version of Plone are you using? I don't think it works in Plone 5 right now