Lost source code repository for z3c.caching

does anybody know where is the source code of z3c.caching?

I asked Wichert and he pointed me to:


which redirects to:


and that is of course broken; the code doesn't seem to be available in https://github.com/zopefoundation neither.


No idea. Best ask at the Zope-Dev Maling List

If you have no success on zope-dev, ping me. I might have an svn checkout on a harddisk in a computer that currently isn't booting up.

What happened to https://github.com/do3cc/zope/?

could you please upload it into GitHub? seems to me this is an important package that is completely forgotten and unmaintained.

@mauritsvanrees has a script to help on such circunstances.

Hang tight. :slight_smile: I'm copying it from svn 2 git.

Done. https://github.com/zopefoundation/z3c.caching