Looking for maintainer(s) for collective.vaporisation

Hi all,
Here are RedTurtle we are maintaining a lot of add-ons products but may happens that one product is not used anymore by none of our customers.
Commonly we use our private github repos for many internal reason.

The subject is: collective.vaporisation: we are not using it anymore but there are still some (interesting) pull request to be evaluate, open issues, ...

What we are looking for:

  • a simple way to move the project to the collective github repo (can I simply use the internal github features or I need special permissions?)
  • one ore more Ploners that want to take ownership of the package on plone.org/pypi

Let us know!

I get no feedback about this task, however seems that organization transfer works well. The repo is not on the collective: https://github.com/collective/collective.vaporisation

Let us know if somebody is interested on getting Cheeseshop ownership.

Hi @keul

I can adopt this package, I am actually planning use it with a Plone project

Check out my improvements https://github.com/Covantec/collective.vaporisation/commits/master

Hi @macagua

Give me yours pypi and plone.org username and I'll give you total access!

yes, Tag Clouds are no longer "in" as they where 8 years ago.

in fact, I think they are completely out of most web sites.

i also made a pull request (which got even migrated via keul's change of ownership, great!):

there's also another:

I just wanted to say, that we used collective.vaporisation last year and fixed a bug, which happens to appear when the respective Plone Site is at any place different from root folder (e.g. a subfolder, etc.). Since it seems that this repo is going to be maintained again, I will provide this patch shortly.

@keul my user is macagua

Thanks you!

@macagua you are in!

Thanks! :smiley:

Hi @keul

Can you give me access to update this page? https://plone.org/products/collective.vaporisation

@macagua I gave you full access yesterday (user: macagua)

Thaks again :smile: