Looking for icalendar python package reviewer

Hi there!

tl;dr: I want to merge https://github.com/collective/icalendar/pull/299

Full story:

I'm maintaining an application (not related to Plone) that uses this library. During fixing one bug, I found that icalendar can read from string event with any rrule because of using text as a default type (great!), but... failed when try to save it to string because saving method doesn't have default type.

Based on rule described in docstring https:// github .com/collective/icalendar/blob/master/src/icalendar/prop.py#L33 when it's possible to read, it should be also possible to save to string. So I made a PR that add this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is no one active on Github who can review this change. Could anyone help? :slight_smile: