Little helpers: Version tracking with plone.versioncheck

It is difficult to track all 400++ packages used in Plone and keep them up to date.

I want to know:

  • Are there newer packages around on PyPI, even newer minor/bugfix releases of an old 1.x series while major release is on 2.x - probably solving problems in my old Plone 4.3 instance?
  • In my projects buildout I use a bunch of newer releases than in latest Plone final release. Do I need those pins after next bugfix/minor release of Plone?
  • As core developers we want to update versions used by Plone if possible. But which packages were updated upstream?
  • A new Zope release came out. Which version pins in Plone core are outdated now?

So with manual work its not possible to track this w/o wasting much time.

Therefore I wrote a little helper tool plone.versioncheck.

Have fun.


awesome! I always wanted something like this!

I was using z3c.checkversions up to know but I will be changing to plone.versioncheck without a doubt.

Thanks for all your work, it's really appreciated!

The feature list includes now

  • a buildout extension in order to record real packages and versions used (dependencies as a sugar on top too),
  • better output, also as machine readable json
  • show dependencies (optional)
  • improved docs.

Read the docs or just try it.

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