Linked translations (trees of folders and documents)

I have a site which contains lots of "structured documents" (structures of folders and documents); some of them do exist in two languages. In such cases, currently the root folders are linked as translations, but the pages below are not.

Of course I could recursively translation-link the subfolders and documents as well, when creating a copy; I just wonder whether this will cause trouble of any kind. Is the feature supposed to be used in this way?
Will it make the (sooner or later necessary) migration from Archetypes/LinguaPlone to Dexterity more difficult?
Is there some equivalent translation feature in Dexterity?

There is which provides LinguaPlone features for Dexterity content-types. It also provides this features for Archetypes using archetypes.multilingual, which will ease your migration to Dexterity if you want. also provides a way to migrate LinguaPlone translation links to

Anyway we have never used those migrations, neither Archetypes -> Dexterity nor LinguaPlone ->; when we needed to upgrade Plone versions in such scenarios, we have exported all the content using collective.jsonify and we have imported it using transmogrifier to the newer version of Plone.