Link destination stripped when using Custom Script Adapter in PFG

I'm running a Plone installation with Plone Formgen 1.7.12 and the October 2015 hotfix installed.

I've used Custom Script adapters to successfully create News Items and Events.

Now I'm trying to use a Custom Script Adapter to create a Link item and am successful, EXCEPT - the destination portion of the URL is stripped, leaving only the "http://" part of the URL. This is the case whether using the String Field or Text Field PFG fields. I presume this is HTML filtering but can't find where to adjust it. HTML filtering options in the Control Panel don't seem relevant. Thanks in advance.

pastie with your code? :slight_smile:

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 12:21 PM, T. Kim Nguyen wrote:

This got lost while trying to respond via email . . . .

Sorry - here you go . . . . I'm assuming I know the name of the corresponding field in the ATLink type. I haven't actually looked it up. Where would I do that ?

target = context.pn_links
uid = str(DateTime().millis())
uid = "pn_%s" % uid


obj = target[uid]

Here's the field name that contains the URL:

Mahalo nui, Kim . . . .

For the uninitiated, and those without access to Plone core on github, you can find this folder in your Plone 4.x filesystem under buildout-cache/eggs/Products.ATContentTypes-etc. It is the same in Plone 5 because P5 continues support for Archetypes. I haven't tried to find the Dexterity-based version.

For coders these are trivial questions - this reference is for those without that expertise.