[Issue opened in project's github] Are strings from datatables.net resource in plone.staticresources 1.4.x translatable in a Plone 5.2 installation? If so, how to do it?

In a portuguese website "No data available in table" is shown in folder_contents of an empty folder:

This seems to be from https://github.com/plone/plone.staticresources/blob/1.4.4/src/plone/staticresources/static/components/datatables.net/js/jquery.dataTables.js / plone.staticresources/pattern.js at 1.4.4 · plone/plone.staticresources · GitHub. Is it possible to translate it? If so, how?

has datatables i18n support? If so the call to the datatables script should be passed the relevant locale code, like we are doing with TinyMCE or select2.


If datatables has such support and we are not passing the relevant locale, please open an issue on mockup Issues · plone/mockup · GitHub

In theory yes: Internationalisation plug-ins. So, is this relevant locale supposed to be called in plone.staticresources/pattern.js at 1.4.4 · plone/plone.staticresources · GitHub?

I would say so.

You would need to pass the 'language' option (as per datatable docs) in the parameter to the Datatable constructor

I don't know how is Datatables included in mockup, but I think you would need to include the translation files too (perhaps they are already included, I don't know), and use that URLs in the parameter to the constructor.

We may need to install datatables.net-plugins to get those files in Plone: