Iscorpio.plonepm - reg

I tried installing the iscorpio.plonepm package . I added it in the buildouts and ran the configuration . It ran successfully but when I start the server and enter the add-on section in site setup. I am not able to find the downloaded package in the list. I also tried searching in the Management Interface but couldn't find it . I tried downloading another package it is displaying in the install list. What will be the problem?

Plone version : 5.0.4

Last release in 2010? What do you want with an old, unmaintained and likely completely outdated add-on?

I was asked to work on it.

As said: outdated and likely a dead horse because Archetypes based software has no future. So why work on old cruft code (in particular because Iscorpio.plonepm is completely unknown)?

can you suggest me any any project management package that can be implemented.

Add project
track progress
add comments to project
Write steps
Add stories to project

Look for a project management software but not for a CMS. There is nothing reasonable for Plone for making Plone a project management system..if you need something in Plone write yourself...