Is there some plan to integrate solr installation in plone ansible playbook?

If not, is it a good idea ?
Are other people interested by a crowfunding ?
Any developer (@smcmahon) to do the job ?


Why should it be integrated? If you need Solr integration, install collective.solr.
If you need a maintained setup then perhaps check the Plone Intranet project which is based on Plone + Solr.
For a standard Plone installation you usually don't need Solr. It would be nice having a reasonable fulltext search in Plone out of the box but Solr is another huge moving part that you don't want by default. Unfortunately neither ZCTextIndex nor my own TextIndexNG3 are anymore decent regarding fulltext search in Plone.

I guess we could add an option to install Solr and collective.solr to the Ansible playbook. Shouldn't be the default though. Crowdfunding could be an option to make that happen.

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@tisto That's what I had in mind.

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I don't yet know solr, but I have worked with Plone's Ansible set up & I would say that requests like this bring a risk of making the Ansible playbook unmaintainable IMO (humble or not). Especially when so many other addons might want similar treatment

I don't think the Ansible playbook should "know" about solr, but I can envisage creating a separate role to install solr and a matching buildout configuration extension which would require only a few lines (say 10) of customization of the standard Plone playbook to do what you want.

When using Ansible I believe it's important to think in terms of "owning" your playbook in the long run.