Is there any news about plone.iterate and Dexterity support? [RESOLVED]

Hi, our company made it's new site using only dexterity content types.
After a week online, they asked for the check-in-check-out feature (plone.iterate).
Sadly it didn't worked and I read it still doesn't support Dexterity

I don't want to go back to archetypes. Anyone now how this task is going?

Where are you getting the idea that it doesn't work with Dexterity?

I can confirm this do work on Dexterity; what Plone version and version are you using? how are you enabling this on you Dexterity-based content type?

Sorry, I saw this note on some websites (like this:
services/support/tutorials/working-copy/check-out-check-in-function). was already installed on my instance and I activated the
check-in and check-out permissions for reviewers, editors and managers.
After this the Check-out action showed on old Archetype Contents but not on
Dexterity so I assumed it wasn't supported yet.

Do I have to add a behavior to the dexterity types to enable iterate for

I guess the problem could be the versions I'm using.

I'm using Plone 4.3.9 because other product I need won't work on 4.3.10 and
CMP Plone 4.3.9 2.1.15 1.0

Thank you


Just saw this behavior after the e-mail you sent:
Enable staging with for dexterity contents

Thank you for your help. It didn't crossed my mind before.

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