Is there a plone5 theme that mimics plone4?

Hell i d like to upgrade our intranet to plone5 but i d like to keep — for the time being — what the users are used to.
Is there a theme that mimics plone4 . It s ok if there is a change affecting the way the pages are edited.

might be a good starting point.


Thank you :wink: I ll give it a try asap !!

note: I think you need to to "drag in the new toolbar", probably add these rules and divs to the theme.

Also: the 'based on' is not working in Plone 5, so any CSS etc. that 'comes from there' needs to be added.
Some ids and classes might have changed names, so maybe you need to search / replace them in the CSS.

(it is also be possible to have one theme for logged in users and one for others.)

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