Is Products.PloneBooking available for Plone 5? It is for Plone 4.3

Hi all,

The last published update for Products.PloneBooking plonebooking-3.0.0a2 was an Alpha release of May 16, 2012. I downloaded this alpha version but it did not work properly on Plone 4.3,
I did quite some debugging and got it 100% working on Plone 4.3 (It is in production for over 1 year now).

I would like to share that working version, but I am not the maintainer of Products.PloneBooking.
How can I share this with you guys who would like to try this on Plone 4.3 or 5?

Has somebody tried Products.PloneBooking 3.0.0a2 on Plone 5?
I am struggling with the JavaScripts and CSS
I tried several suggestions but the popup windows on the calendar do not work..
The new JavaScript approach looks interesting, but the documentation is complex and it is difficult to understand what you actually need to do or change in your old scripts. .
Product.PloneBooking is also using .css.dtml. For the time being i gave up to move it to Plone 5 as I am stuck now.

For people who like to help here is the link to the old version.

I submitted the corrected / working version to the maintainer. Hopefully they will publish it for all of us..

Better way is to fork/commit/merge on GitHub, right?

Forking and sending pull requests...that's how OSS works.


Thanks for the help. I am not so familiar with that, but I wiIll have a look into it:slight_smile:

Dear TsungWei Hu and Andreas (next reply).

Thanks for your help. I just Forked it. People can find it here:

Great guidance!
The Github Desktop Tool made it quite simple for me. :grin:

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Did you evaluated alternatives like seantis.reservation?

PloneBooking is an historical (AKA: old as mummy) Plone add-on but the codebase is really (Plone 2 style of development) old and it is a lot buggy on Plone 4 also... I fear that port it to Plone 5 will be a big effort.

Porting something from to Plone 4 to Plone 5 should not be a big problem if it runs in some way on Plone 4.


For the record in this conversation: I reviewed alternatives for a Booking system (which sadly never happened) & concluded that would be the best for my situation. It's Archetypes based, but an upgrade to Dexterity was under consideration at some point.

I guess @keul you might be aware of that anyway?

(prenotazioni =Italian=> reservation / booking)

I did the dx version of rg.prenotazioni a few months ago. I really wish it could be released...

Dear All,
Today I released Product.PloneBooking version 3.1 for Plone 5 and Plone 4.5 at GitHub.
You find it here:

To run properly on Plone 5 you need to switch off the new CSRF feature. How to do that is documented in Readme_Products.PloneBooking.tx

The file located here

I am not a real programmer (Consider me more as a fanatic debugger and I wanted this to get working as it is a very nice product : a perfect global kind of booking system). I have combined this with Content Rules and Internet/Intranet Workflow of Plone and a nice Email system. We run it in production. Currently on Plone 4.3.

I have tested it quite a while, nevertheless you might still find issues. To understand this code was allready a masterpiece. I appreciate to read your experiences and feedback.

Plone 5 is a major step forward. I even learned to work with the Resource Registry...
One hint:
IF your use in the Plone Control Panel Resource Registries (@@resourceregistry-controlpanel) and in case you get a blank screen after a page refresh , you can go into the ZMI to folder /your_site/portal_resources/resource_overrides/static and delete plonebooking-compiled.js and plonebooking-compiled.css and all is solved.
If have not yet figured out why that happens: looks something like multiple updates of the origianl file which were not yet compiled or so ??

Andreas Correct. I simply had to learn how that Resource Registries mechanism worked and with some nice examples of other members (e.g. Nathan and Maurits) I managed it.

Hopefully the documentation will be improved and the user interface is a little weird (not intuitive) in the beginning, once you are used to it it is easy and then it works comfortable. It can always be improved. It would be good that the page shows what is ongoing when you have errors and not a blank screen only (no buttons etc, only the title is very confusing. Undo is sometimes a very great and helpfull feature!!

Thanks for pointing me to this. I had a look into this and rg.prenatazoni.

What I really needed were the features that I found in PloneBooking (creating repeating bookings with intervals. The visualization is really great in this product! Very user friendly as well), Filtering, Export of bookings. Online listings.

It is really very good for Resource Bookings. We use is for example for booking globally demonstration centers using resources that are world wide accessible from multiple visitors centers as well as from home. A central web based booking & reservation system is then very comfortable.

PloneBooking was the best match we could find (after I got it working as indeed version 3.0.0a2 is full of bugs and not really working at all).