Is it possible to migrate from Zope2.10.11/Plone3.3.5 to Zope 2.13.24/Plone5.0.5?


I have an old Plone335 site, which is heavily used by a team of 12. It's on a physical machine. I wish to put it in a virtual machine, but I can't manage to virtualise it directly (Unsupported linux version), so I made a fresh virtual machine and installed Plone505. Is it possible for me to migrate data into the new Plone instance ? What would be the method ?

Yes you can. Read
The amount of effort it takes mostly depends on the addons and custom code you use and can be huge.
Default content and settings are easily migrated.

Thx for the answer Philip.
I think the Plone site doesn't have much custom code, or none at all, but they do use some addons like PloneFormGen (Lots of forms everywhere, with automatic mails genereated), pageturner (To see PDF inline), and they also have a local MySQL db which they connect to with ZMysql, and also connect to a remote postgre DB with ZpsycopgDA, and also have PloneLDAP configured (For user authentication). DO you think any of that might become an issue ?
I've tried to install ZpsycogDA on the new Plone505 site but to no avail... Is it still supported ?

Products.SQLAlchemyDA is supposed to work as a (drop-in) replacement für ZPsycopgDA.

A migration is an iterative process where you hop from one problem to the next one until they are solved.

So you must start with something and see how are you can get.


I expect few problems with pure backend components (like ZMysql, ZpsycopgDA). I have seen discussions in this forum concerning LDAP integration; when I have followed them correctly, then all issues have been resolved; thus, Plone 5 should be able to interact with an LDAP service (however, it may be necessary to do it differently than in your Plone 3 instance). Frontend integration has changed quite significantly: you may not find a pageturner version for Plone 5.