Is it possible to edit an ZEXP file?

if so which application to use, I try editing a zexp the file has the information I need from the workflow history and comments. if I can just rename the workflow name it should show up when imported.

I had change the workflow use by the content type a couple of time so plone only shows the history in the current workflow.

The standard ZEXP format is basically a collection of Python pickles that you don't want to process.
There always was an XML representation of a ZEXP export that could be used as well for export/import. However this was removed (by me) from Zope 2 a zillion years ago as far as I know :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas,
I can see what I need to update. in there another way to merge the history? when I switch back to that workflow I see the history but when I updated to the current workflow it does not show.