Introduction **

Hello. I am Evi from Canada. I am a Mechanical Engineer who is self-taught in computer programming with knowledge and understanding of React, C++, JS, Python, Node, HTML, CSS, Databases (SQL, NoSQL). I have also been improving my knowledge on Machine Learning. My real world experience with programming is limited at the moment and I am so keen on developing it. I am enthusiastic about making a life long career in the field of computer programming, but right now I am like a chicken just running around, I need to be navigated in a productive direction. GSOC gives me this direction I so desperately seek. I have reviewed the project description and my current language attributes aligns with some of the project requirements. I pride myself of being an avid reader, and with reading comes learning and skills development. With the direction of mentors and fellow GSOC contributors, I know this chicken will be pointed to a clear path to becoming a better programmer and a great member of this community.

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Hey @evixedor

Welcome to the world of Open-Source.
Welcome to the Plone Community.

Here are tips to start your journey in Plone

Start with the Training Documentation which is the documentation giving a clear idea of what is Plone and its functionality, and you can sign the Agreement in order to start your contribution journey towards Plone Foundation