Introduction | GSoC'18

Hello Everyone. This is Rahul Bhatia, currently a sophomore from the LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, India. I am interested to participate in GSoC 2018. I am interested to work with Plone as I found it fascinating and the tech stack was just what I was looking for to work with. I hope it would be a happy journey and fun coding this summer with Plone if selected. My Tech Stack includes HTML,CSS,Javascript(both ES5 and ES6). I use React as a front-end framework and I have also worked on Meteor.js and Angular. I am good with Python and use Node.js as my primary backend for the applications I develop. I found Plone really fascinating and would love to be part of this community. You can check out my GitHub and LinkedIn for more

Looking for some guidance to kick off. :smile:
Thank you

Hey Rahul! Welcome to the Plone community.
To get started you can checkout this: Information for Interested GSoC Students
A few guidelines on getting to know Plone and what it's about.

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Hi Rahul! There are many Reactjs projects that you could pick from ( . Also projects that could use some python expertise.

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These ideas look really interesting and something which I can work on. I will definitely explore these in more depth in the coming time. Thank you so much! :smiley: