Introduction for GSoC 2017

Hi everybody,

I am Amritanshu Jain, a sophomore currently studying at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. I wish to apply for GSoC under your organisation. I have a programming experience of over six years in Python and JS, and have gained substantial command over Python libraries/frameworks such as Django, Scrapy, NumPy OpenCV, Pandas. I have also worked with Node.js and React/Redux for a few projects.

While going through your project ideas I got very fascinated by the idea of Content Import and Export since recently I have made two such management systems for my college fests which were responsible for registration/accommodation/payment and event management of almost 4000 participants. It allowed the other departments(non-technical) coordinating the stay and events of participants in the fests to easily retrieve and manipulate the data for their own needs like viewing the HTML format or exporting it to CSV files/Excel Sheets. I have been pretty good at data handling as lately I have been working with scripts to scrape and process the data for further training.

Recently I developed a script to scrape the data of 178 schemes of mutual funds of the past 10 years and clean the data using pandas and then exporting the raw data to sql databases and csv files for further manipulations and visualizations.

For the past few months I had been more involved with development of Web applications mainly in Django and Text Mining. Recently I have worked on a location based chat.A mini map will show you people nearby with which you can chat. There are location-interest based groups on which you can talk to people to explore the current location, get real reviews about places etc. Also there was a small chat bot which would book cabs, hotels, get you restaurants nearby with reviews and all.

You can check out my realtime, location based chat app Here. Also it would be nice if you have more than 1 registrations from your location so that you can properly explore the application and chat with people nearby :).
You can also have a look on some of my other projects

E-commerce store for our college
A cab portal booking webapp with referral system

Kindly go through my CV if time permits. I have shared my experience and projects in brief. I couldn't post all my projects due to link restrictions for new users.
Lately I have been doing plenty of projects, hence I am already in a very good programming flow, I would love to program a basic prototype and so that I can assure you that I am capable of undertaking this GSoC project.
Amritanshu Jain
Github Profile -
Email - jainamritanshu[at]gmail[dot]com

Hi @jainamritanshu! Thanks for stepping in and expressing interest in Plone! We're happy you are here. It's terrific that you've already done work on a system related to content import and export. I'm sure you'll have a lot of great ideas about what to do.

You might want to begin by downloading Plone and setting up a simple site. You could also take a look at collective.importexport, which is an example of an existing Plone product that could be extended. The README for that project also includes links to a number of other projects that take different approaches to solving the same set of problems. It would be a good idea to survey what already exists.

You might also want to take a bit of time and find an issue in our issue tracker marked for beginners and work on solving it. It would help you to get familiar with the world of Plone.

GSOC applications will be opening on March 20, so you have a bit of time to get started looking around. Take advantage!

Again, thanks for your interest, and welcome to Plone!