Introducing myself + new possible feature proposal (GSoC)

Hi, I am Marc Yang, from Montreal, Canada and I am new to the Plone Community. I am excited to contribute to the Plone Community. As a Python enthusiast, it is amazing to see that Plone is developed in Python in the backend.

For the possible feature possible, I am not sure if there exists already a feature such that programmer/ users can post contents automatically to Plone webserver using JSON or XML parser?

If not, I would definitely get my hands dirty on this one.

Hi Marc,

You should have a look to plone.restapi

Hi Eric,

I just saw it. Thanks. However, I only find some general information about the posting a document on Plone, or getting some content from Plone. I am wondering if you can make exact command using POST such as creating an event, respond a thread, etc.