Internationalisation of page template in browser directory

I try to create a localisation file (*.po) with i18ndude that includes the strings of a page template that is located in a subdirectory of the browser directory. I create the Plone add-on with mr.bob and added to the browser subdirectory the file and a new subdirectory template with the file I imported the MessageFactory to and added i18n.translate tags to the page template. both files are registered within configure.zcml (browser subdirectory).
If I run i18ndude for the add-on I get only strings from the configure.zcml in the root directory in my pot-file, but no strings from I looked already to the Plone documentation ( and searched the internet but couldn't get a hint how to proceed to get the strings from the browser directory included.

You could find the current status of my source code on github:

Thanks for any hint

Try use "tdf.exttempsitepolicy" instead of "tdf.extensionsitepolicy" for i18n:domain of the file.


thanks for your hint. You made my day :slight_smile:

Sometimes one miss the forest for the trees